Thursday, August 25, 2011

Christmas Preparedness...

Many people are already posting requests for help with Christmas items.
This is fine, but keep in mind that by the time families are looking for families to adopt for Christmas, the posting placed in September will have moved way down the list. Down where people usually stop looking.

Be patient and place your request at the beginning of December.

Better chance to find an Angel!


  1. Some of us over christmas people are starting to look now. So please post if you need help! Sometimes starting early ensures a better chance at finding someone to help.

  2. I realy need some help for christmas and for the long run . I got custody of my 2 year old nephew Jayden and he is a special needs baby he has lissencephly and microsephanly which is smooth brain and small head he is blind in both eyes and he has to be fed through a gtube he has seizures i cant afford to by him anything for christmas this year and im looking for some angels this year. for warm clothes for jayden and a winter coat and any kind of musical toys and for some help with food and gas cards to get jayden back and forth to cleveland ohio to go to his doctors apointments Also heres the big oneIm hopeing that somewhere in this big world that God made for us there is a wonderful angel or angels that can donate a wheel chair excessable van so that i can take Jayden to his appointments when he recives his wheel chair in one - two weeks thank you to all that has read this and God Bless you all