Friday, January 28, 2011

Even BIGGER Changes are on the way!

Based on continuing user requests, we are going to be defining 2Hands even more.
In the near future, people will be posting in very specific categories. Let's say that you have a young son who has a birthday approaching. When you request to post for help, you will be able to post a need directly into an area specifically for people asking for help with birthday presents.

The bigger bonus here is that people wanting to help will now be able to look for people they are specifically looking to help. Example: You are looking to help someone who needs help providing a birthday for their child, you will be able to very specifically look for people right in your area who are looking for help in this category.

Our intention is to make the task of finding someone to help easier. Currently, people have to sift through requests of all various types looking for the kind of request they are wanting to assist. It can be daunting when there are so many postings.

In our continued efforts to improve 2Hands, we thank you for your patience!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ongoing Site Construction

You may be noticing that we are changing the state format to include many cities within a state. This will make it easier for people who want to help determine if they are geographically able.

This also means that the posting slate has been wiped clean which results in NO POSTINGS.

Do not worry though. The community of people who want to help only continues to grow. So POST AWAY! Do not let the fact that there are not many postings sway you from making your need known!

Will keep you updated!!!

P.S.: Construction still continues on our Free Trade section which will allow people to post on items to barter or offer for free. Helping one another get by..... That is

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Features Coming

2Hands is growing. Because of this we are making changes soon. Posters only had the option of posting in a state. This made it difficult when you were trying to find someone to help and had no idea which part of the state the posting party lived in.

We are now adding cities which will make it much easier to find a person in need directly in your area.

We will also be adding a barter, trade or offer help page where people with something to give can offer it immediately. This will be a page where posters will have to give out contact information in their posting as we will not be monitoring this section of the website as well as we can monitor the assistance portal pages.

A chat room is on the way where people can speak with one another in live time. Offer support, encouragement or possibly just find friendship!\

Stay tuned!

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Keeping yourself safe on 2Hands....

2Hands has some very simple rules. We ask that you make sure you use the Posting Number that you registered with when you post. We ask that you start your posting with your city. People need to know where you live. Finally, we ask that you put no personal information in your posting.

Putting email addresses, phone numbers, full names, physical addresses or even wording that could lead someone to knowing too much about you opens you up to spam, solicitors, unwanted contacts or more. Placing a posting on the site, following the simple rules, not replying to anyone responding to your posting as a Guest, especially when they ask that you contact them via email, and only responding through the site when we have contacted you and given your contact information to someone who has Properly completed the form to assist you makes your use of the 2Hands website a safe one.

When you register, you are required to give an email address. Problem is, a lot of email addresses contain full names. We encourage people to create a new email account, with Gmail for instance that contains no information about you. Use this new email address as the email you give 2Hands. If someone requests your information, we then give them this new safe email address as your contact information. Most emails, Gmail for instance, allow you to forward these emails to your original email address so you will not miss any emails from 2Hands.

We only wish that everyone could follow the simple rules completely!! :)

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Thursday, January 6, 2011 - The December Numbers


December was a record month for 2Hands. We thank each and every one of you who were part of the website in whatever capacity.

The numbers: Visitors to the website in December 2010 - 390,000
Posts for help - 12,890
People who received assistance from others with a hand to give - 1,908

While we certainly wish, and we mean this from the very pits of our souls, that each and every one who posted could have received help, we are humbled and thankful for all of those who did not receive help but still sent us wonderful notes of thanks for at least providing a platform.

There are more updates to come as 2Hand is about to add new features to the site which will make it more functional. Stay tuned!

The Team

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One Hand Helping Another In Need!

When we received our very first posting on - Our fears seemed to be coming true. It was a request from a college student looking for someone to repay their 8,500 dollar student loan. It seemed that right out of the gates our hard work was going to lead to people simply seeking for someone to pay their bills.

The second posting 2Hands received however, laid the groundwork for what 2Hands has become today. It was from a very humble man simply asking for someone to please provide firewood for his family so they could stay warm for the winter. Someone did.

2Hands can now say that over the years, close to 10,000 people have found a helping hand by posting their need on the 2Hands website. People asking for food, people helped. People asking for help with clothing, people helped. People asking for someone to help pay for their gas bill, people helped.

From the small request to the very large. Thousands have found an Angel at

If you have a need or feel as if you have a hand to give to someone in need, please visit us at