Monday, May 30, 2011

Scary Times.....

As I write this I am worried. I am the co-founder of and last week I lost my job. 8 years with one employer and now I am adrift. The first couple of days were almost euphoric as my schedule was a rotating day shift/night shift - 12 hour shift beast. My euphoria, at not having to work the schedule was short lived. Reality set in. Like a tree falling on my back.

Like millions, we have no substantial savings. We lived paycheck to paycheck with the occasional extra bit which we usually spent on something we could have lived without.

The tree is so heavy. The last couple of nights I woke up drenched in sweat. Nightmares. Panic.

Children to feed. Animals to feed. A hungry gas tank on my truck and my wife's car. Bills!!

Do I post my need on Do I use my families creation to find help for myself and my family? It is May 30th, 2011. What are your thoughts on this?

Sending my love to you all as usual!

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  1. Aboslutily do request help for yourself!!! If ever your efforts provided help for even one person, then surely you have the Karma points, and deserve a bit of relief. God bless you and your efforts, may he grant your needs.

    I have yet to apply or request help, obviously, that is why I am here.. A desperate cry for help . I have 2 at home kids, 3 cats, lost 1500 in income in a one week period, and am at risk of losing my home and electric.That with the added stress of school startin soon.. I know what its like to cry and worry.. I'll Pray fopr you, you pray for me..


  2. I agree with Alexia. There is no shame in asking for help. Thank you for this site, and God bless you and your own. Praying for you both.

  3. thank you so much for all you do I am sure you will be blessed in return

  4. I definitely think you should post a need for help, you and your co-founders had a brilliant idea to make a site for people in need, and I agree that karma points add up. You deserve help just as much as the rest of us. God bless you and I will definitely pray that you receive the help that you so desperately need. Thanks to you and your co-founders for all you do in maintaining this site. You guys are really awesome.

  5. Of course you should post for your family, what you are going through is exactly what this blessing was created for. I truly understand because I was always the one giving and to post on here was something I thought about awhile first.. but then I think of my kids and everything I want to do for them.. so I posted.. You deserve to get the help you are in need of just as everyone else that you have tried to help! God bless you and everything you have done for the many families you have helped.

  6. Why are people being allowed to post personal information and links when the rules specifically state not to post this stuff or they will be removed. I have not seen anyone get removed yet. I follow the rules and so should everyone else or be removed as stated. Also people are being threatened and bashed by people who claim they will help and when they get personal info on posters they say they are messing with them (and this is using kind words) and just trying to get their hopes up for nothing. This is the stuff being posted in the chat room almost every day. People ask these people who post a need to meet them somewhere and then they don't show up. Maybe someone should browse the posts and do something about the rules being broke. Sorry but it should be fair for everyone.